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Our Specialities

Wood Grain finishes and general powder coating on steel and aluminium with an industry leading warranty.

Commercial Projects

We provide a wide range of wood finishes on various aluminium substrates meeting AAMA2604 standards with 15 year warranty.

Residential Projects

For a professional renovation or a DIY we can offer more than 40 wood grain finishes on steel and aluminium.

Powder Coating

With over 50 years of powder coating experience we can take care of all your powder coating needs.

What We Do


With a range of slat sizes and finishes, we can provide you with all the fencing components you need.

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No matter how thick, wide and long. We probably have access to more batten styles than anybody else.

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We work with a number of cladding suppliers. We can get the right style for your project.

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Your own profiles

If you have your own range of extrusions that you’d like to have in a wood finish, we can provide this service for you.

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Architectural Finishes

We have a range of extrusion styles that can enhance any design.

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Aussie Made

All Altwood products are of the quality expected for an Australian made product.

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Building Look

Add that extra touch to enhance the look of your building.


help eliminate timber logging with 100% recyclable aluminium.

Save Money

No costly maintenace. No need to Re-Coat or Stain

Altwood Brochure

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We Take your design to the next level.
Add that extra look to your design. Create a striking look utilising Altwood as part of the finished design

Our Products


Help eliminate logging with 100% recyclable aluminium.

Colour Stable

20 year colour stability with no requirement for re-coating or staining.

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion resistance guaranteed for the life of the warranty, even in harsh coastal environments.


Will withstand all reasonable force and not show chipping, flaking or peeling as per AS3715 standards.

Non Warping

Unlike Wood, aluminium will not warp or bend overtime.


Apart from a wash with warm, soapy water, no further maintenence is required for the life of the product.