Projects involving Altwood


Retirement village in Aberfeldie

In Partnership with Bal1 Constructions, different size battens were used to provide screens separators and a customised finish.

The finish is Altwood Black Butt

Pavillion Green in Sandringham

produced for in partnership with Aluline

Battens In Altwood Iroko

Clever use as supports

The clever people at MBS Architectural utilized real wood with our Altwood Blackbutt to produce this open area in the fruit shop. Can you tell which is Wood and which is Altwood?


The beautiful on Willcox Apartments

Seen here in Altwood Blackbutt

Cladding can Enhance your home

By strategically adding wood finish aluminium cladding you can give your look that extra edge

Finished in Altwood Spanish Cedar


Just shows the finish you can achieve using wood cladding on your garage door

Finished in Altwood Blonde Oak

Sunshine Market

A Welcoming entrance to Sunshine Market using Altwood Spotted Gum